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Get more leads with a good sign layout.

Time is on your side

(By: Tim Clark)

We’ve talked about the importance of advertising your business in any way you can afford. And yard signs are still a great option, for both big and small companies. We’ve also discussed the right and wrong way to design your sign – it needs to be readable from a distance, obvious what service you provide, and it needs to be contemporary. But what is the optimal way to utilize the classic yard sign to help generate more leads?


Americans are hit with something like 4,000 marketing messages every single day.

Most people certainly are not aware of all these messages because it happens so often they tune them out. And guess what? They’re going to tune out your yard sign, as well. However, you have one tool that can help your sign be more effective. And that tool is time.

Whether watching a TV commercial, listening to a radio ad, or seeing an ad in the newspaper, it takes several viewings before the brand name sticks with people. And you need to get even more repeated views to get them to call you. Your potential clients are seeing your sign and all those other marketing messages each and every day. But the key is to have that sign out in the yard for as long as possible.

When you prepare your contract, for whatever service you provide, ask the homeowner if you can leave your sign up for 90 days. You might not get that. You might even have to promise a discount if they leave it for that long. Or you could ask for 90 days and it’s talked down to 60 days, or 45. The point is you need to get it out there and keep it out there. Let them know you’ll come back and pick it up at determined date.

Every day, I drive past two houses and every day I see 2 yard signs. One is for a remodeling company and the other for a window company. And those signs have been there for a long time now. At least 2 months. I would say that I now know the names of both businesses, but one sign has a poor design and I can only remember “Home Improvement…” something or other. It’s a long name, small type, and there is not much contrast between the letters and the background. But the window company? I know that name. I have it memorized. I can’t help it. I see it all the time and I honestly believe it would be the first place I’d call to get an estimate because it’s the only one I can think of at this moment.

So, get a great sign and use it. Once it’s made, stand back about 50 yards and see if you can read if you were driving by at 25 miles per hour. If you’re happy it will work, get it out there and keep it out there. And anything less than 45 days on their front lawns is a waste of time.

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