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How Our Mailbox Are Made

Expanded Polystyrene with a Polyurea Coating.

The inherent problem with traditional thick coat stucco applied over Styrofoam (EPS – Expanded Polystyrene) was the brittle nature of the coating. Any impact would create fractures in the stucco and allow the foam to break loose from the structure.

Repairs are usually futile and hard to hide. The hairline cracks allow moisture to invade the foam and cause the stucco to delaminate from the foam base.

Many older mailboxes had metal corner beads embedded in the stucco. Over a period of time, rust spots develop as the moisture penetrates the stucco.

The New Era in EPS Stucco Look Mailbox Fabrication

We have now entered a new era in foam fabrication. Technology has changed, as has the attitude with regard to EPS Foam products. EPS Foam is no longer considered an “imitation or fake” material, but rather a versatile construction media that has more, creative applications than ever.

The key to any EPS product is the finishing process. The material that is used to protect and preserve the EPS Foam core is critical.

With the advent of new coating materials specifically designed for EPS Foam, we now are able to produce a mailbox that will last a lifetime and will resist most incidental impacts. The key is the coating.

In our manufacturing process, we start with a rough cut mailbox body using 1.5 lb. high density EPS Foam. The base is cut and hand assembled along with any desired architectural accents such as trim moldings, bands, keystones or special features.

Standard mailboxes are fabricated to accept a T-1 Aluminum Mailbox insert with exterior flag which is included. Once the structure is assembled it is sent to the coating area.

Here the entire fabricated structure is encapsulated in a Polyurea coating. This special coating seals the structure and prevents water infiltration as well as provides a base coat that has flexibility to resist impact damage to the foam core. While we can’t guarantee this, these mailboxes have been known to “bounce” off of cars when struck. The homeowner simply set it back in it's pad and did a little paint touch-up!

Once cured, the structure is textured to the desired finish and painted to your specification. We can match any house colors from any major paint manufacturer. The finished mailbox is then delivered or shipped to your address.
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