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Plastic Letter

Mounting Hardware

Plain mounted plastic letter Plain Letter
No hardware
Studs mounted plastic letter Stud Mount *
Studs are metal threaded post on the backside of  letters. Our studs are aluminum and will not rust.

Pads mounted plastic letter Pad Mount
Pads are plastic disks on the rear of the letters. Secure the letters to the wall with silicone caulk adhesive. Always clean surface first before applying caulk. Pad mount  letters may use a spacing tape as a guide for letter spacing or kerning
studs and pads mounted plastic letter Combination All *
Combination all letters have stud going through the pads. The pads can be positioned up and down the stud to accommodate an uneven mounting surface or to offset the letters from the mounting surface to increase the shadow effect from lighting.

* All stud or combination mounted letters, numbers or symbols require some type of drilling template to install. 

You will never have unsightly rust stains streaking down your wall from behind our dimensional letters. Our aluminum rust-proof studs will give you years of trouble free service.

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