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How to mount lawn stakes on your plaque for lawn and garden display.

address plaques-signs

Some of the many styles and shapes of home plaques available at

Inside your shipping box you will find the following parts:

1. Custom plaque with mounting (no threads) holes.

2. Two yard stakes with threaded mounting holes.

3. Four rust proof machine screws.


 *Please use caution the pointed end of your yard stake is very sharp!

Lay your plaque face up, slip a yard stake under each side. Align the two pre-drilled holes in your plaque (top hole on the plaque is above the border, second hole is below the border on the plaque foot) with the two holes in the stake. 

The screws pass through the un threaded plaque holes threading into the stakes holes.

Thread the screws with just your fingers taking time not to cross-thread the screws.




When all 4 screws are in tighten with a flat blade screw driver.

Install lawn stake, address plaque, supplied screws



Back side of house plaque and yard stake.

Backside of address plaque with lawn

 Private Drive sign on lawn stakes

Private Drive plaque mounted on two yard stakes ready to install.

Make your install theft proof

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