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ADA Wayfinding Sign Systems

 Sample of the many uses of Braille and Tactile Text Signs.

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  • Who are ADA signs for?

    ADA compliant signs are for blind, low vision and normal vision persons.

  • Where are they used?
    All building that are open to the public must use ADA compliant signs. Most common ADA signs found are restroom signs, exit signs, emergency signs, elevator and stair signs, room signs and wayfinding signs used for interior navigation of your building.
  • What makes a sign ADA compliant?
    The ADA sign’s message must be in raised uppercase letters in contrasting color to the signs background. All letters must be raised 1/32” above the signs background with a specified height, stroke and kerning. The message is repeated in Braille dot tactile characters immediately below the raised lettering. The Brail dots used only by the blind are usually the same color of the signs background and nearly invisible. ADA sign must be installed in a specific location relating a door or passageway.
  • What do ADA signs look like?
    ADA signs do not need to be without character. We offer stock and custom ADA signs that will compliment any decor. A decorative shape, dimensional border, raised graphics and different textures of materials are available. Not only do our ADA signs comply with  federal code, but they enable people to successfully navigate your building.
  • My entire building needs ADA wayfinding signs. So where do I start?
    Interior navigation signs such as evacuation signs, rest room signs, emergency exit signs are a must for any size building. Ordering stock or custom wayfinding signs from is now easier than ever.
    We will help you through the entire process of creating an interior wayfinding plan. We will help you in selecting sign locations, sign types and message text that is ADA compliant. Simply send us a copy of your current blueprint or evacuation plan at and we'll do the rest.

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