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Want your home to display your patriotic pride?

Take a look at our American Bald Eagle house decorations. We have 3 eagle designs, 3 sizes of eagles in 3 finishes. Our cast metal eagle house decorations are hand painted and suitable for indoor or outdoor display.

Bald Eagle Holding Freedom Shield and Arrows

10" x 23"

wall mounted eagle
 Gold Bald Eagle decoration
American eagle with arrows and Freedom Shield

Enhance a gable, exterior house wall, fireplace or garage wall with a replica of America's National Symbol - the American Bald Eagle. Use these traditional colonial style eagle wall haning as a patriotic display,  home furnishing or garden accent. Your beautiful cast aluminum outdoor wall decoration, America's symbol of freedom, the bald eagle will look good for many years to come. All decorative eagle sculptures are cast and hand painted in the U.S.A.  Ship ready for mounting or giving as an eagle themed gift.

Wall Eagles $44
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Traditional Wall Mounted American Bald Eagle Decorations

Bald Eagle In Flight Plaques

9" x 24"

Gold eagle with spread wings and extended talon
Black eagle spread wings with extended talons.

Backside of plaue showing how to mount your vintage eagle plaque to a wall  with a close up of the detailed hand painted Natural Color finish.

Eagle In Flight $32
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Large Eagel Outdoor House Decoration
11" x 36"

36" Wall Mounted Eagle Ornament
Painted Antique Brass Finish
Large bald eagle display gold bronze finish
36" Wall Mounted Eagle Ornament
Painted Black Finish
Large Bald Eagle display black finish
Large eagle black finish, wall mounted on outside of house.
This large black, American Eagle plaque wall mounted as a gable decoration is the final touch of this home's patriotic front porch display.
Large Bald Eagle $109.00
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American Eagle Address Plaques

Bald Eagle Weather Vanes

52" Full Body Bald Eagle Weather Vane $232.00
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Eagle Arch Address Plaque $99.00
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* Due to limitations in monitors, colors viewed may vary from actual colors.

Beautiful replica of

America's Freedom Symbol

The Bald Eagle

Decorative outdoor bald eagle displays with extended talons. Each colonial style wall eagle is available in three different baked enamel exterior finishes,black, gold-bronze or natural color. This traditional national emblem of strength in nature and USA pride, makes a beautiful  inside or outside wall display of patriotism.

 Wall Eagle Display 

This Early American bald eagle decoration represents the act of catching prey.
Once suitable prey has been spotted the eagle will approach in a shallow glide. As the eagle nears its prey, raised wings control the speed as extended talons grasp in a graceful display of speed and strength.

American Bald Eagle Plaques make great gifts that can be displayed inside or out adding a touch of Early American decor to a patriotic home.

   The North American Bald Eagle or in Latin, Haliaeetus leucocephalus "sea eagle with white head". A white feathered head and neck suggests baldness, but the word "bald" in this case means white, not hairless. Eagles are a member of the Accipitridae family, which also includes hawks, kites and vultures. Bald Eagles are large, strong, fierce looking birds with wing spans up to eight feet. Once listed as an endangered species by the Interior Department, Bald Eagles have made a strong return in numbers and were taken off the list in 2007. If you have been lucky enough to view a bald eagle catch it's prey in nature, you understand why it's a common symbol of strength and freedom and was chosen to be on the Coat of Arms of the United States of America. 
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